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Yascal (Natural Source of Calcium Tablets)

Useful in osteomalacia, fractures, osteoporosis, rickets and during pregnancy and lactation period
Dosage:2-2 tab twice a day with warm milk.
Presentation: 60 tab
Yasthama Tablets
Useful in allergic bronchitis, chronic bronchitis and dyspnoea.
Dosage : 2-2 tab with warm water or as directed by the physician
Presentation : Pack of 30 /1000 Tablets
Yastone Tablets
For renal calculi and associated problems like colic pain, painful and burning micturation.
Dosage : 2-2-2 tabs thrice a day or as directed by physician
Presentation : Pack of 60 tablets
Yash Churna
Useful in constipation, gas, blood impurity, itching, indigestion and acidity.
Dosage; 1 tsp at bed time with warm water.
Presentation; 100 gm
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