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Come close to the nature and indigenous holistic system of medicines and get rid of various ailments through ayurvedic medicines offered by Shri Yash Remedies, is the GMP approved company who manufacturer, supplier and exporter of flawless ayurvedic remedies. In addition, we are also recognized as one of the most trustworthy natural herbal remedies manufacturer of India. We have membership of Indian Trade Promotion Organization, New Delhi and other prestigious organizations. We always intend to avail the business from reputed worldly organizations. The company has witnessed a splendid success since the day of its inception i.e. August 1995. The profound knowledge of Vd. Dilip S. Mehta, CEO in the field of Indian herbal medicines has also lent a helping hand so as to withstand the tough market competition as all the medicines are proved to be very effective.

Shri Yash Remedies

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